Ethics Policy

REYONO Guidelines

1. Authorship

The author/authors should ensure that all those who have made a significant contribution are cited as co-authors. The corresponding author should ensure they have seen and approved the final version of the paper and have agreed to its submission for publication.Due acknowledgement should be made for any persons or funding agencies for their contribution.

2. Originality and Plagiarism

Authors are advised to adhere to strict academic ethics with respect to the originality of their paper. All works used for the paper should be appropriately cited and included in the Reference REYONO will not be responsible for any such lapse of the contributor.

3. Parallel Submission

Parallelsubmission is against the principles of this journal. Authors are therefore advised to refrain from concurrent submission of the same/replicated/partially replicated form of the paper which is under the purview of REYONO to any other journal.

4. Veracity of the research investigation

Authors must not fabricate, falsify, or misrepresent any data or results. The work should be objective and unbiased. REYONO will not be responsible for any fundamental errors in the paper. The authors are responsible for the factual veracity of their paper.

5. Peer review

REYONO is a peer -reviewed journal. Papers will be selected for publication only after peer review by expert referees according to professional and scientific standards expected of any accredited academic journal.

6. Violation of the code of conduct

In the event of any breach of this ethical policy, the editorial committee will proceed with necessary action including legal