Submission Guidelines

REYONO Guidelines

Authors are requested to prepare the manuscripts according to the guidelines given below:

1.The first page should contain the following information: a) Title b) Name c) Official address d) Address for communication e) Contact no. , f) E-mail id g) Abstract of not more than 150 words h) 5-7 keywords

2.Manuscripts should be typed in double space in Times New Roman, font size 12, British English spelling using Microsoft Word

3.Articles should be limited to a maximum of 5000 words. Do not add any page numbers, headers or footers to the article. Avoid foot notes; instead use end notes if necessary

4.Tables and figures should be numbered serially and positioned close to where they are mentioned in the text, not grouped together at the end. Each figure and table should have a brief explanatory caption.

5.Any acknowledgements should be placed immediately after the last numbered section of the paper and any appendices after the acknowledgement section.

6.References can be cited in the text in parenthetical form (author, year, page no.) keyed to the References at the end of the text. Eg. (Harbord, 1971, 9).

7.Reference should include only publications cited in the text and should be arranged in the alphabetical order.

8.References are to be prepared according to the following format: Book:Surname, First name. Title. (Year of publication). Place: Publisher. Eg.Harbord, Janet.(2007).The Evolution of Film. Cambridge: Polity. Journal article: Piper, Andrew. (2006). Rethinking the Print Object: Goethe and the Book of Everything. PMLA 121.1: 124-38.

9. Manuscripts should be submitted by e-mail to A hard copy of the same should be sent to the editorial address. Signed Author Statement about the bonafide nature of the paper and that it has not been published previously or sent elsewhere for publication should be attached.